[su_quote]When your dream job doesn’t provide your dream salary, do you settle or look for better opportunities? Here’s what Rex Gammad, a registered nurse, decided and committed to do to finally be financially independent. Find out how his side-line becomes his biggest source of income. His inspiring story will surely change your perspective about dreams.[/su_quote]
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[su_quote]An OFW who works risky jobs and a public school teacher who uses her ATM card as collateral for loan. That’s how the Cayetano couple described themselves before they met Royale. Watch how they spin the wheels on their favour and shared the fortune with others.[/su_quote] [fvplayer src=”″ width=”1280″ height=”720″]


[su_quote]Your life will not change unless you do. This belief compelled former tambay Leandro Sarne to turn his back from his old habits and make it a point to create a difference in his life. See where dreams brought him and where it can take you too![/su_quote]

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[su_quote]A man from Mindanao who surpassed the journey of being a traditional businessman in becoming an inspiration to his own land through Royale Business Club.[/su_quote]
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[su_quote]A former OFW turned Entrepreneur. Watch how she was able to surpass the hardship of being an OFW just to earn money for her family and how she was able to earn her millions in Royale.[/su_quote]


[su_quote]Have you ever dreamt of something you thought was impossible to attain? Dubai OFWs Bency and Marissa have a simple dream: TO BE WITH THEIR CHILDREN. They believe that families should stay together. A dream so simple yet hard to attain as they had to leave their children and work overseas so they can uplift their lives. But because of Royale, they achieved more than that![/su_quote]

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[su_quote]Depressing severe acne? No one wants that right? You need a solution today before it gets worst! Watch John solved his problem with Royale.[/su_quote]
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Taking on dry skin problems became a real head-ache for Edesa Sy. Maintaining derma care became too expensive, that’s when she met Royale. Watch the video and see how Royale helped her on her problems.
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