Supplement for men

  • Boosts sexual experience
  • Helps in infertility and premature ejaculation
  • Sustains a powerful and long lasting erection
  • Boost sexual appetite and ability to repeat your intimate activities


Smoking is one of the major cause of Erectile Dysfunction. Prevent erectile dysfunction with the help of Bull Extreme! 

Keep the fire burning with the help of Bull Extreme!

  • A combination of herbs and nutrients that are known to boost one’s sexual desire and stamina.


  • Also available in 12 Blister Pack of 2’s

An all-natural supplement that promotes a safer way to boost a man’s testosterone level. The study shows that the average testosterone level of men will naturally start to decline at the age of thirty, this usually results to the incompetence of masculinity and poor sexual performance. Performax ensures a boost of performance even as we age.