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A dietary supplement that will store us the right amount of collagen that our body needs. Collagen is a protein found within the bones, muscles, skin, and tendons. This protein serves as the glue that holds the whole body together and keeps us wrinkle-free.

To feel or look young is not enough! Make your skin truly young with Collagen! It has complex structural protein which maintains strength and flexibility of the skin, bones, muscles and tendons. It helps remove fine lines, wrinkles, scarring, acne and other signs of skin aging. Let your beauty shine inside out.


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What is Collagen?

It is a protein made up of amino-acids and approximately makes up of 30% within the body. These are tough and strong structures found in skin, bones, tendons and ligaments.

  • Provides structural support, strength, elasticity  of the skin.
  • Required in the replacement and restoration of dead skin cells.
  • Acts as fillers in cosmetics to remove lines, wrinkles scarring and acne.
  • Helps in the treatment of osteoarthritis

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

It is a carbohydrate, occurring naturally throughout the human body. Roughly 50% is found in our skin. When not bound to other molecules, it binds to water and lubricates movable parts of the body such as joints and muscles.

  • Nature’s moisturizer
  • Helps provide lubrication which resists compression and allows joints and skin to bear weight
  • Promotes fullness and elasticity for a young-looking skin
  • Transports nutrients to skin, cartilage, joints, ligaments, and eyes
  • Removes waste from joint capsule
  • Supports, nourishes and hydrates the deep layers of the scalp
  • Gives structure (shape) and plumpness to the lips
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