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Royale Main Office

5 Storey building owned by Royale Business Club International. Location : Quezon Avenue, Manila Philippines


Since 2006, Royale Business Club International Incorporated has been a partner for countless Royalistas in achieving financial stability. This multinational company has the ability to formulate and create its own products, which provide a livelihood for the people within Royale’s reach.

The success of this company built the foundations for its own four-story building located at the Royale Centre 1363A Quezon Avenue, West Triangle, Quezon City. With numerous branches nationwide and centers from other countries like; Singapore, Nigeria, Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, Royale Business Club is proven to be legally and globally accepted.

Royale Business Club has been, for a decade, a 100% great help for those with interest starting their own business for more years to come.

Royale doesn’t just assure you to earn more, Royale focuses on you getting healthier and more beautiful in the process.


Royale understands that your health and beauty are your top riches you want to take care of. With that, Royale offers quality products that are mainly health and beauty centered fit for everyone.  Approved by the Philippine Food and Drug Administration and Halal certified, Royale ensures that all products have been adjusted for all kinds of complications that may cause into having serious side-effects. Take your health and beauty to new heights as Royale gives you brand new sets of formulation made specifically with no discrimination to anyone whatsoever. Products that can be universal to everyone who thought they won’t have the chance to experience such products before.