Bridal Wedding OpenPhotoShoot

bridal wedding open photoshoot


This is open for professional or non-professional photographers who just need to experience a photoshoot with a bride-to-be or wanna-be bride model.

Experience the pleasant acquiantance with other photographers and models for a fun-day of photoshoot.



Organized by: Fashion Collaboration Group |
Contact us:
Jaypee P. (0906) 4930022 or
Mely F. (0935) 2547136

(2) Two Special Raffle prize will be drawn after the shoot for paid participants. Hurry! Join now!

17th SEPTEMBER 2017

10:00 AM TO 5:00 PM


What to bring for (Photographers)

  1. camera, towel, bottled water, snacks

What to bring for (Models) : 

  1. any white dress for bridal shoot
  2. makeup included in the registration fee
  3. models can bring their own formal or informal wedding dress 

REGISTRATION FORM (September 17, 2017)

Once submitted, we will email you all the particulars you need. Thank you from Fashion Collaboration Group.